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Infosec BattleBots

Hack. Slash. Bash. Trash. 


"If You Build It They Will Come"

We've built the arena, printed a few bots and made a village, we intend to bring the battle bot experience to all the community infosec conferences that will have us, if you run an infosec confrence get intouch. 

We can offer a safe Arena, Insurance and all H&S covered thanks to the flipping awesome people over at Capture The Talent, we even have super limited swag up for grabs

Why ?

Well who doesn't like robots beating each other up? 

We took this Idea to SteelCon and BSidesNcl as a discovery mission and the awesome folks at Capture The Talent came on board as a sponsor to get us off the ground. Together for 2023 we want to kickoff a touring arena visiting all the UK and Ireland community InfoSec conferences there is ranging from BSides events to SteelCon and a few others, check the Events page for more details, If you are running an event and want us at at it send us a message on social media or on the contact us page.  


Welcome to Infosec BattleBots!

At Infosec BattleBots, we're passionate about bringing together the exciting worlds of hardware-based fun and cybersecurity. Our project started near the end of last year, and since then, we have been dedicated to creating an exhilarating experience for participants at cybersecurity conferences. Our primary focus is our Antweight BattleBot arena, where enthusiasts can engage in thrilling battles with their custom-built robots. It's an excellent opportunity to test your skills, strategies, and innovations in a physical setting. We bring our battle arena to various cybersecurity conferences, providing attendees with an opportunity to enjoy some hardware-based excitement. To further align our activities with the realm of cybersecurity, we're currently working on expanding our battle classes. These new weight classes, namely the AI Class and Hacker Class, aim to push the boundaries of competition and innovation. In the AI Class, battles will be fully automated, with robots relying entirely on artificial intelligence for their strategies and actions. This category showcases the latest advancements in autonomous systems and allows participants to witness AI-powered combat firsthand. The Hacker Class, on the other hand, introduces an intriguing twist to the traditional battles. Competitors will have the opportunity to hack into their opponent's bot and make subtle modifications, all while ensuring the opponent's bot remains functional. Before the match, opponents will have a designated period to identify any modifications, encouraging a strategic and tactical approach. To facilitate the hacking aspect, each bot will be equipped with a web interface featuring a kill switch. This kill switch provides the capability to power down the bot for a specified period or invert its controls. Teams must strive to protect their own web interface while simultaneously attempting to hack into their opponent's interface. We believe that combining hardware-based fun with cybersecurity challenges offers a unique and engaging experience for participants. Whether you're a seasoned cybersecurity professional, an AI enthusiast, or simply someone interested in the convergence of technology and competition, Infosec BattleBots is the place to be. Join us as we push the boundaries of cyber defense and robotic combat. Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming events and be part of the excitement at Infosec BattleBots!

Infosec Battle Bots Update

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