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Where creativity, combat and engineering, come together to create an unforgettable experience!


"If You Build It They Will Come"

We've built the arena, printed a few bots and made a village, we intend to bring the battle bot experience to all the community infosec conferences that will have us, if you run an infosec confrence get intouch. 

We can offer a safe Arena, Insurance and all H&S covered thanks to the flipping awesome people over at Capture The Talent, we even have super limited swag up for grabs

Why ?

Well who doesn't like robots beating each other up? 

We took this Idea to SteelCon and BSidesNcl as a discovery mission and the awesome folks at Capture The Talent came on board as a sponsor to get us off the ground. Together for 2023 we want to kickoff a touring arena visiting all the UK and Ireland community InfoSec conferences there is ranging from BSides events to SteelCon and a few others, check the Events page for more details, If you are running an event and want us at at it send us a message on social media or on the contact us page.  

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