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Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment

Our Events

We've put together the arena and get things rolling on the bots now how can you get involved, well take a look at our rules, get a bot built, get Hack, Slash, Bash and Trashing !!!

At all our events we will have our full destructive arena and a few home bots along, but this is all about the community, so get building and get your Infosec Battle Bots ready.

We normally run 8 of our non destructive bots are available for walk up throughout the day and have 8 destructive ones for our lunch and pm events. 

The Typical event for us runs something like this:

  • Conference Open - Bot workshops, bring a bot check in and Walk up test drives from event open.

  • AM Break - Non Destructive tournament, open to bring a bot and walk up drivers. 

  • Lunch break - Full Destructive tournament open to bring a bot and walk up drivers. 

  • PM Break - Anarchy, all the bots we can get going full on destructive any bring along + a few oddities. 





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