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The Teams

We've built the arena now's your turn to build your bots. 

To start us off we've built a few house teams with bots licenced under CC attribution below.
Want your bot in our championship check out our Rules page and please register your teams via our google form on the link below to get your team listed below. 


House Team 1 

Team Hack


A Brutal Virt spinner that made short work of shredder at Bsides Dublin

House Team 2

Team Slash


Sporting a vicious Hardox blade, high speed brushless motor and some battle scars, shredder has been upgraded since its defeat at Bsides Dublin


House Team 3

Team Bash

Pvt Bash

 Super tough armour, low on weapons but hard to kill. Pvt bash came out of the destructive free for all at Bsides Dublin with some war wounds but still fighting fit!

House Team 4

Team Trash


Brutal triple spinner, its debut fight will be at Bsides Leeds 

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