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The Arena 

So nice we made them twice..and then another one.

We currently have 3 arenas one in England and another in Northern Ireland and a mini arena for those non destructive fights!


Weapon 1 

The Flipper 

Easily capable of launching a bot 3 meters this corner has what it takes to flip you out.  

Weapon 2 


" if i 'ad an ammer" possibly the most dangerous weapon on the arena, legend has it it was never designed it just appeared on a cold and lonely night. 


Weapon 3


unable to be said without a australian accent, proving Kyle isnt the only thing capable of spinning you around from the land down under ( named by a genuine Australian)>

Weapon 4

The Pit

Ah a good old classic, but this time automated, this little 200x200x150mm pit may seem slamm but its still big enough to ruin any bots day 

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